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1.) What city do you currently reside in?
2.) What is your current full-time occupation?
3.) Are you able to check Project 11:11 emails at least twice a day?
4.) How many years DJing? How many years DJing weddings?
5.) Do you have any DJ/Wedding references?
6.) May we contact your references?
7.) Do you have all of your own music? What format (CD, MP3, etc.)?
8.) Do you have your own equipment?
9.) Describe your Mobile Rig:
10.) What do you use for backup?
11.) Do you have reliable transportation?
12.) Are you willing travel for shows outside of the Metro area?
13.) Where was the last place that you saw a DJ perform?
14.) What did you like about the DJ? What did you NOT like about the DJ?
15.) Who are some of your favorite artists?
16.) Are you able to go out over the next couple of months and observe our DJs?
17.) If there is anything you would like to add...